A Little About Us


To put it simply – we are cupcakes snobs.

We see no problem in being picky when it comes to the smaller and finer things in life. Some crowds have their specialty coffee. Some people have their micro brews. Well … we have our gourmet cupcakes – and with good reason.

The recipes of Cupcakes Actually are the personal treasures and creations of our main cupcake curator, Sue. For years she perfected her cupcakes, serving them exclusively to family and friends in her suburban Detroit hometown. Word of mouth spread to a point where she could not keep up with the demand.

In 2008, Sue and family relocated to the DC area to fulfill a longstanding dream to open a cupcakery with her sister, Jen. After a year of planning and continued refinement of cupcake flavors, Cupcakes Actually opened in Fairfax Corner.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we expanded the menu, which in addition to the weekly cupcake offering includes: homemade gelato and sorbet, a coffee bar and breakfast pastries!

We look forward to helping you indulge your cupcake cravings and hope that our creations will help make your world a little bit sweeter!

Our beautiful mom, grandmom and great grandma Georgia will be missed. Please think of her when you eat the next cupcake.